Aerial Imagery that Captivates

Our aerial drone photography and videography services provide you with spectacular cinematic aerial imagery in resolutions of up to 4K for video and up to 20MP for photography. With panoramic views, night filming and indoor drone imagery capabilities, the possibilities are endless to make your asset stand out.

Key Features of Our Aerial Drone Imagery

  • Cutting Edge Drone Technology: We use drones equipped with the very latest in both drone and drone-mounted camera technology. Capable of providing up to 4K video and up to 20 MP photography resolutions, our drones are equipped with GPS, a long range and obstacle avoidance technology.

  • CAA Licensed Drone Operators: With safety being one of our main priorities, VVISIT’s drone imagery services are provided only by CAA Licensed drone operators who have undergone professional training and certification. The CAA License also allows us to provide drone imagery services whilst being fully insured.

  • Panoramic Views: By being able to hover in a static position, our drones can then allow the on-board camera to swivel and capture a stunning 360° panoramic view that can also be incorporated into a 360° aerial virtual tour.

  • 4K Videos: When stunning aerial videography angles meets 4K resolution, the result is revolutionary imagery that will ensure never before seen levels of media engagement when your customers watch your videos.

  • Day & Night Filming: Our aerial imagery services are available for both night and day capture, allowing you to capture your venue and its surrounding landscape in natural sunlight as well as in nightscape mode.

  • Indoor Drone Imagery: On request we can provide indoor drone imagery with lightweight drones that can provide interior camera angle perspectives simply not possible with traditional photography or videography.

What businesses can benefit from aerial imagery

Most businesses or government branches located within an architecturally attractive built space or located within attractive grounds can benefit by further showcasing their location from the angles never before seen that a drone can capture. Aerial drone footage and photography can also prove very useful in industrial & agricultural surveys where workload can be significantly reduced by geting drone 'eyes' on details that a human can simply not see without the use of expensive equipment and lots of time.

The following is a list of industries and government branches we have compiled to give a sense of the wide scope of aerial drone imagery (if your business is however outside any of the areas listed please do get in touch and we can discuss how we can best adapt a virtual tour to benefit you).

- Travel & Hospitality (Hotels, Guesthouses, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Aircraft, Boats, Cruise Ships, Ferries, Trains)

- Real Estate

- Tourist Destinations & Heritage Sites (National Parks, Heritage Buildings, Monuments, Camps)

- Museums & Art Galleries

- Educational Facilities (Kindergartens, Schools, Universities, Student Campuses)

- Local & National Government Facilities

- NGOs & Charities

- Healthcare & Retirement Facilities

- Retail & Office Facilities

- Exhibition & Meeting Centres

- Showrooms

- Gyms & Leisure Facilities

- Entertainment & Sporting Venues

- Wedding Venues

- Parks & Recreational Locations

- Factories, Warehouses, Distribution Centres & Other Industrial Facilities

- Automotive industry